Murder Mystery Party

I thought I’d start this blog with my proudest party. For my 18th birthday, I threw a joint birthday-Halloween (my birthday is in early November, but you don’t have to wait for Halloween to do this) murder mystery party. And it was, not to toot m1622812_833871613342830_619259066452650374_ny own horn, a smashing success.

From Night of Mystery, I bought a downloadable party kit with instructions and printable decorations. The kit had everything I needed to plan the event. The kit I bought was called Murder at the Juice Joint, which is set in a prohibition speakeasy. If you don’t want to purchase a kit, try to find DIY instructions online, like this one for a Clue-themed party.

As you can see from the picture, my party had a mugshot photo booth (for some inexplicable reason I wrote that the year was 2011 instead of 2014 and didn’t notice until recently) and everybody came in costume. At the end, we handed out prizes for the winners of best costume and best character as well as who guessed the murderer correctly.

The most important thing to remember when throwing a murder mystery party is to let people help you! I did as much organizing myself and so only my sister and I knew who the murderer was. At the party, though, I had my parents and friends be the bartender, card dealer, cigarette girl, and photographer. Without them, I could have never pulled off the party. And it wasn’t weird at all to have parents at the party, because they were just helping out. In fact, my Mrs. W won best costume!

Nostalgia Electrics Lighted Party Fountain

The only mistake we made was in the murder itself. The light went out, everybody heard the victim drop to the ground, then a few second later, the gunshots rang out. My brother had taken too long to get the sound effects on his phone. So I would recommend a sound effect device to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

The next piece of advice I have for you is to go all out! Don’t leave out like things that will make the party that much better. I have found that drink fountains are always popular and make any event a little bit more awesome. And try not to leave out things like family photos or video games that will ruin the atmosphere. I covered nearly everything in my house with fringe curtains or plastic rolls.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. Don’t stress the whole party about the one person who showed up without RSVPing or the fact that the bartender served the wrong drinks. Just relax and enjoy the party. Everybody else will be!


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