UK Tailgating, from KYForward

You may be aware that one of the best seasons of the year is going on – tailgate season! Ahem, I mean football season. No, I don’t. I mean tailgate season. Tailgating is one of the most fun public social events in the USA. To be honest, I’m not interested in football at all. In fact, being from Kentucky, I am used to tailgating at basketball games. Overall, I don’t think it matters what sport is being played; I just go for the tailgating.

I knew my college didn’t have a great football team, and I didn’t care. I was very excited, though, when tailgating was advertised in the few weeks of school. All ready to celebrate, I dragged some friends along . . . and found exactly three cars in a giant parking lot with about five to ten people each. I nearly cried. I was so bored, I ended up going to the football game. That is not what tailgating should be.

Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

Tailgating should include cooking hotdogs in a grill set up in the back of your car, watching drunk sports fans make fools of themselves, and playing lawn games. Lawn games are actually the most fun part of tailgating, especially cornhole. You can even get cornhole with your favorite NFL team, so everybody can know who you support.

The only fun part of tailgating here at CUA was the game Kan Jam, which i had never heard of before. It’s actually very fun and very difficult. So I suppose the pathetic hour I spent tailgating here was not a complete waste.


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