My last post, about camping, got a little too long, so I didn’t get to finish discussing the deliciousness that is s’mores. In order to better talk about how much I love s’mores, I’m adding this post on bonfires. Bonfires are like campfires, but bigger and not at a campsite. Depending on where you live, you can have a bonfire in your back yard. A lot of my friends who live on farms have bonfire birthday parties.

Rainbow Fireplace Flame Crystals for Wood Fires

Rainbow Fireplace Flame Crystals for Wood Fires

So back to s’mores. You can just pick up long straight sticks off the ground, burn the ends to ‘sanitize’ them, then cook your marshmallows. Since most people think this is unsanitary, I have invested in some nice marshmallow skewers. A nice alternative is a s’more maker, which is cleaner and easier to use.

Another fun thing to do with bonfires are flame crystals, which turn the fire different colors. They pretty much exist to entertain children. But, as everyone knows, children and teenagers can be easily amused by the same silliness, such as purple fires.

NPR reports some bonfire safety tips

If you do build a bonfire, remember to be careful. A simple bonfire can easily get out of control and cause a wildfire, injuring people and the environment. Look up your local laws and guidelines before setting anything on fire.


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