Spa Days

Ladies, I hope you remember the make up parties of your childhood; when all of your friends got together to paint each other’s nails and try out the sparkly cosmetics you got for your birthday. As we grow up, we begin to call these events spa days, and they are still a sign of our sophistication and maturity. Spa days are great mother-daughter(-sister) activities, but also fun with friends.

Glow In The Dark And Under Black Light Nail Polish

I’ve enjoyed spa days that include making our own face masks and cosmetics. This adds some extra fun to a spa day and makes relaxing all the more enjoyable. Actually, my best friend and I took a class together on making soap and lotion. It is a great hobby and easy to do in a group.

For basic facial scrubs, all you need is sugar, oil, and essential oils. Then you mix two parts sugar, one part oil, and a few drops of essential oils. It’s super easy and great for your skin.

Deluxe Temporary Tattoo Pen Kit

Pedicures are my favorite part of spa days. The best tool to use is one I discovered very recently, when my best friend gave me a nail care kit for graduation. The kit came with a weird fork-like thing that I discovered is actually a cuticle trimmer. Opi nail polish is the best, but I also love this glow-in-the dark nail polish.

I also enjoy being creative in my spa days. It’s nice to give yourself a facial and pedicure, but I enjoy adding something new. My friends and I have really enjoyed using draw-on tattoos. It seems a little random in a spa day, but it actually fits in really well and is very fun.


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