Dinner Party

Have you ever been to a dinner party? If so, it was probably an event you were dragged along to with your parents. Maybe you were forced to sit at the kids table? Well no more!

quaintrelleoquist offers some helpful instructions for making centerpieces

quaintrelleoquist offers some helpful instructions for making centerpieces

You can throw your own dinner party and sent your parents to bed before dessert.

Dinner parties are not only events for stuffy businessmen and 50s housewives. Anybody can throw a classy (or not classy) dinner party. Also, if you combine a dinner party with a murder mystery party, let me know all about it! That was my original plan, but I set up a buffet instead, since it was easier.

You can go the classic route: with place cards and candles and your mom’s china. Set out some nice centerpieces, maybe even make your own. Centerpieces are very easy to make and can be created out of absolutely anything. Have everyone wear cocktail dresses or ties.

After dinner, move to the reception (dinner party speak for the family room), and perhaps play some parlor games. Now, if this is a classy dinner party, put Cards Against Humanity away and try charades or Hedbanz or Scrabble. For some inexplicable reason, these games are considered dinner party games.

On the other hand, you don’t have to be classy at all. You can just eat around the kitchen table on paper plates and play cards on the floor. It’s entirely up to you. What do you enjoy doing?

The thing about something like a dinner party is that everyone needs to be one the same page. It just takes one person to bring down the whole night.

Don’t let any Jon Snows ruin your party.


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