Back Ups

With the right back ups, you can do this to your party/hangout:

Let’s face it: sometimes you and/or your friends are going to get bored. Maybe you planned the coolest game night ever. At first, everybody enjoys playing Monopoly (a great friendship-ruining game, by the way), but then they all tire out. At this point, they will inevitably look around desperately for something else to do. In my experience, this often ends with turning off the lights and playing hide-and-seek.

If you don’t want every day ever to devolve into endless games of hide-and-seek, try having some back-ups that just happen to be lying around. The best back ups are

Nerf N-Strike Maverick

Nerf N-Strike Maverick

lightsabers or swords. For the record, you should have Obi Wan Kenobi’s, Luke Skywalker’s, and Darth Vader’s, because having multiple of the same lightsaber is for losers who are afraid to show off their true geekiness.

The other great back-up to have is a collection of Nerf guns. I have a fourteen year old brother, so of course there are dozens of Nerf guns in every room of the house. The N-Strike Maverick is an excellent choice, but you really need a variety. Also, have more darts than you think you could ever need. Nerf guns are a great multi-purpose toy. You can use suction darts to stick to the ceiling or velcro darts so you can watch with satisfaction as your friends leave unaware that there are three Nerf darts clinging to their backs.

I could analyze the maturity of teenagers, but instead I just accept that hitting each other with things is just as fun for sixteen year old friends as it is to five year old siblings. Frankly, it never gets old.


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