Murder Mystery Party part 2

Alright, I know I already talked about hosting your own murder mystery party, but my college just hosted one, and I am way too excited not to tell you all about it.

This time, we had a company come in, and three actors ran the show. The company was aptly named The Murder Mystery Company, and they have shows all over the country.

Each table of guests was a team and had one character. I got to be the character for my table, Mrs. Bertha Peacock, wife of an eccentric cigar maker and having an affair with the victim. I was utterly convinced throughout the entire night that I was the murderer, but, without giving it away, my team ended up writing a different answer and being completely wrong.

There are awards at the end for most creative, best actor/actress, etc. One of the awards is for the answer that was most¬†wrong. My team should have won that. We had the same answers for the “who” and “how,” but we were told our “why” was too thought out.

Also, have fun with any murder mystery party you are involved in. One team started accusing Tron of being the murderer, and everybody ran with it. Throughout the night, we kept shouted about Tron being the killer.

Normally, I recommend a few items, but this time, I just want to ask you to check out The Murder Mystery Company website and find a location near you!


Let me know what you think!

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