Playground Games

Since some of you might be bored by the community service I recently talked about, let’s talk about something undeniably fun: unleashing your inner child.
I definitely remember lining up dodgeballs on the center court line of a basketball court, dividing into two teams, then pelting each other as hard as we could. I remember it like it was only last week. Because it was.

Kettler Large Chess Pieces

Kettler Large Chess Pieces

You never get too old for fun. Take my advice, and invest in some playground balls. They are the best kind of ball for dodgeball, four square, and kickball. You’ll be surprised how excited your friends will be if you suggest one of these games. Other great games include hide-and-seek, sardines, and tag. My friends literally never get tired of these.

If you and your friends spend a lot of time outside, shell out the dough for a giant chess set. They are expensive, but so much fun. The pieces are also perfect for hitting someone with. Just saying. I’ve definitely been on both ends of that situation.


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