Glow-in-the-Dark Games

I have gotten in slight trouble with the police one time in my life. I wasn’t drinking and driving or hurting anyone. Instead, I was participating in a school lock in. We were running around the building with the lights off at 11pm,

Black Light Reactive Neon Makeup with Black Light Pendant

Black Light Reactive Neon Makeup with Black Light Pendant

waving flashlights and wearing rave black out gloves. Really, it was about as tame as it gets. We were playing hide-and-seek and our teachers were in the building. Somebody across the street didn’t know that, though, and called the police, thinking someone had broken into the school.¬†Four police officers and one police dog showed up, barging through the door and waving their guns. It was actually terrifying.

The moral of the story: be aware of your surroundings. I am absolutely not saying that goofing around in the dark isn’t a good idea – just the opposite – but be aware of what your neighbors will think. Of course, if you are in your own house, it probably wouldn’t be as big of a concern.

The great thing about glow-in-the-dark items is that there are so many, and they’re fairly cheap. Naturally, we have the classic glowstick bracelets. You can also get strobe lights for cheap. Some glow-in-the-dark items I have only recently discovered are decorative wire and body paint.


Let me know what you think!

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