When babysitting, taking a blanket out to the backyard for lunch never fails to impress. When babysitting, picnics involve a surprising amount of work, though. Luckily, I’m not going to talk about babysitting.

In reality, picnics are super easy.

Fleece Twister Picnic Blanket With Waterproof Backing

Fleece Twister Picnic Blanket With Waterproof Backing

Gather together your lunch (something easy like sandwiches) and a water bottle, put it all in a cute picnic basket, and bring a picnic blanket. Then go outside. I live two houses down from an elementary school, and my friends and I like to have a picnic on the playground then climb on the jungle gym (you know, because we’re mature).

I have a great picnic blanket from L.L. Bean that is fleece one side and waterproof on the other, so it is super comfortable and practical. I also found the cutest picnic blanket on Amazon that doubles as a Twister mat. I really want one for Christmas.

I know that it’s not the right time of year for picnics (unless you live in Florida, where it’s picnic season all year round), so I’ll also suggest you move your picnic inside. Much like building a fort, picnics are easy and fun activities that can help you get in touch with your inner child. They also make a great date night!


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