Welcome to Just Hanging! My name is Emma, and I will be your guide. Don’t keep any hands or feet inside the vehicle and feel free to break all the rules. I’m just providing you with general suggestions of activities, but you get to make them your own.July4th-credit-WETA_3

So, my name is Emma, and I am from Kentucky but I currently go to school in Washington, D.C. Now that I am in DC, I have so many activities to do: museums, monuments, on-campus activities, and so much more! Back at home, though, we did not have any of this. That’s why I’m running this blog: to show you that you can make your own fun wherever you are.

Some of my posts will be simple suggestions of how to improve activities you and your friends already do; others will propose completely new ideas to try. My first and most important piece of advice here is to be unafraid of being a dork. I love coming up with silly activities and dragging friends along, and you should too!

Remember, there is nothing fishy here. I will never suggest anything illegal, unsafe, or involving drugs or underage drinking. Some of my suggestions can easily be modified however you wish, and I do not care what you do. But I do want to remind you that you don’t need alcohol and drugs to have fun. Check out my posts for plenty of ideas for some good clean fun!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Emma.

    Was guided here from Matt Loomis.

    In your about page you say that you will never suggest to your readers to do anything that is ‘unsafe’.

    What would you class as being ‘unsafe’?

    I have been regularly jumping out of aircraft, skiing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, canyoning, kayaking and a multitude of other extreme sports for more than 28 years.

    On my travels I always meet young people who are also doing exactly what I am doing, often to a higher standard. They dominate most of these sports and many of them are taking a year out of school, college or university and are travelling alone and are experiencing these for the very first time.

    Are these the type of activities that you would class as ‘unsafe’ and therefore leave off your list or are you open to perhaps encouraging young people to do what excites them?


    • That’s a very good question! I suppose when I wrote about safety, I was thinking of some of the common teenager activities, such as binge drinking or doing drugs. I would never suggest something like that.
      Extreme sports definitely could be classified as unsafe, but I actually think they are awesome. Personally, I love whitewater rafting, but I haven’t done any of the other things you mentioned you enjoy. Bungee jumping is on my bucket list, though. I am definitely in favor of adrenaline-fueled activities. That being said, people should, of course, be smart about what they are doing and watch out for their own safety and the safety of others.
      In short, I am not opposed at all to activities such as extreme sports, as long as everyone involved is reasonably careful.


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