Murder Mystery Party part 2

Alright, I know I already talked about hosting your own murder mystery party, but my college just hosted one, and I am way too excited not to tell you all about it. Continue reading


Halloween Party

You may be aware that Halloween is coming up. Now, as a teenager who may consider yourself to old for trick-or-treating, you have several options:

  1. You can watch horror movies with your friends.
  2. A slight alternative to 1. is to watch non-scary Halloween movies. Here are some suggestions from a great blog called The Oxford Guide.
  3. Trick-or-treat anyway! Who cares if you’re a good ten years older than most of the kids out there.
  4. Throw a Halloween party!

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Spa Days

Ladies, I hope you remember the make up parties of your childhood; when all of your friends got together to paint each other’s nails and try out the sparkly cosmetics you got for your birthday. As we grow up, we begin to call these events spa days, and they are still a sign of our sophistication and maturity. Continue reading