Water Games

I remember the good old days of running through the sprinkler in the front yard, avoiding dog poop and getting grass stuck to my feet. Good times.

You fancy young ‘uns these days have it real good, though. You have slip-n-slides, which are

Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons, 100 Balloons Per Minute

Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons, 100 Balloons Per Minute

possibly the greatest invention of all time. Not to mention that now there is a device to fill 100 water balloons at a time so you don’t have to spend longer filling the balloons than actually attacking each other. I’m also a big fan of water balloon roulette, which is like Russian roulette but with water balloons instead of bullets.

Just please do me a favor and use biodegradable water balloons. Even if you pick up the pieces afterwards (which you should definitely do), you won’t get them all. And rubber balloons are extremely dangerous for animals. Use biodegradable balloons or you might be responsible for a choking bunny.


Playground Games

Since some of you might be bored by the community service I recently talked about, let’s talk about something undeniably fun: unleashing your inner child.
I definitely remember lining up dodgeballs on the center court line of a basketball court, dividing into two teams, then pelting each other as hard as we could. I remember it like it was only last week. Because it was. Continue reading